TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Trump Tower Servers Were Spied On By Obama Admin [VIDEO]

Circa News reporter Sara Carter was back on with Sean Hannity on Monday to discuss the government surveillance of Trump Tower during the 2016 election.


Trump tweeted about the Obama administration spying on Trump Tower during the election.

Trump was right.

And now we know the FBI was investigating the Trump Tower servers during the election.

The liberal media will still not report this.

Sara Carter: There was a traditional FBI investigation into the server that was connected to Trump Tower. It was registered to Trump Tower. That investigation was to look into the server and to see if there were pings between the Trump Tower and a bank. And the FBI found absolutely nothing nefarious or criminal within that investigation.

Sean Hannity: So there was some surveillance at some point of the server for Trump Tower which was off site not exactly at the Tower.

Sara Carter: That’s absolutely correct. There was surveillance of the server that was registered to Trump Tower, Trump Tower businesses, and at that point they went in for less than two weeks… They went in and found no evidence within that server to date of collusion between Trump and Russians whatsoever.

There Were More Than a Dozen Proven Victims of Obama’s Many Wiretaps

The NY Times reported the wire tapping on their front page, and then they made the decision to change the article after Trump said something about it.  And liberals still claim there’s no bias at the NY Times.  Personally, the only thing I find the NY Times useful for is at the bottom of a dirty bird cage.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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