• July 19, 2024

TV Station Apologizes for Airing Video of the Home of the Police Officer Who Shot #MikeBrown

A St. Louis television station apologized Saturday for airing video of the home of the police officer who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a week ago.

The station, KSDK-TV, aired video of Darren Wilson’s home on Friday, the same day he was identified by authorities as the officer who shot Brown. The incident has sparked angry protests, looting, and property damage in the St. Louis suburb.

Here’s the statement from KSDK:

Yesterday KSDK showed the video of the Ferguson Police Officer’s home in our 5 p.m. news but did not mention the address of the home. KSDK immediately felt using that video was a mistake and pulled the video of the home from future newscasts and from our web site. We have not used the video since then and do not intend to do so. We apologize to our audience, to the surrounding neighborhoods, to the greater St.Louis community and to the officer for our mistake.

But since the video was broadcast thousands hit social media to call for a boycott of the TV station, independent journalist Matthew Keys reported.

More from Keys:

A Facebook page called “Boycott KSDK” had 18,000 supporters as of Saturday afternoon. On Twitter, users expressed disgust and contempt at the station, with some even tweeting the home address and Google street view images of the station’s general manager in an apparent retaliatory move.

“As a former St. Louis area Police Chief, this was uncalled for and unprofessional,” Robert Cossia wrote in a comment posted to KSDK’s Facebook page, Keys noted. “To do this for either the police officer or the victim is irresponsible and makes your actions culpable if any violence or property damage comes to his home or family. Your actions has shown total disrespect to the law enforcement community that all of you rely on. Shame on you.”

Here are some reactions from Twitter, as reported by Twitchy. (Content warning: A bit of rough language ahead…):

H/T: The Blaze

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