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Twenty-One Mechanisms That Would Be Used to Defeat The Second Amendment

The Arsenal Of Destruction: How Anti-gun Groups Seek To Dismantle And Destroy The Second Amendment To The U.S. Constitution: Twenty-One Mechanisms For Defeating The Second Amendment. Part 1.



Suppose someone wishes to destroy the Second Amendment. How does someone do that?


Antigun groups and their allies in Congress, in local and State Governments around the Country and Globalist antigun cabals around the world have devised myriad ways to do this. Yet, when giving thought to the means the antigun establishment employs to undermine the Second Amendment, you may fail to realize how vast in scope this is.


We have, in the past, provided our readers with an inkling of the methods the antigun establishment employs to undermine the Second Amendment. But we wish now to deal with this singular matter in depth.

Twenty-One Mechanisms That Would Be Used to Defeat The Second Amendment
Twenty-One Mechanisms That Would Be Used to Defeat The Second Amendment


When thinking about the techniques the antigun groups use for undermining America’s Second Amendment, the public tends to compartmentalize, isolate and conflate antigun group efforts and this suggests that antigun efforts to dismember the Second Amendment embrace essentially one technique: the enactment of restrictive gun control laws.


The idea is false; but it isn’t the public’s fault for thinking it true. Propagandists are busily at work on behalf of the antigun movement. And, as they work on behalf of the antigun movement, the aim of the propaganda industry is to keep the public off balance, blindly groping for meaning in all of the profusion and confusion of data.


The propagandists work behind the scenes. They seek to instill in the public mind the idea that gun ownership and possession in America is simply wrong; that Americans who wish to own, acquire, and to possess guns exhibit inappropriate and, indeed, bizarre behavior; that the wish to own and possess a firearm in a civilized society, such as America, is an example of unsound reasoning; that such thought is antithetical to the well-being of a civilized society; that a person must be up to no good to want to own and possess guns and ammunition; and that the mere desire to own firearms is evidence of psychologically odd and even wholly bizarre, deviant behavior.


Propagandists have devised substantial programs to redirect American Public thought away from a pro-gun mythos that is hardwired into Americans; a mythos that is the cornerstone of the American belief system; a mythos that is deeply etched in American law.


But to eradicate the notion of the propriety of gun ownership and gun possession in America, the propagandists hit a wall: and it is that gun ownership in America is tied to the core ethos of what it means to be an American: the idea of personal autonomy.


The idea of personal autonomy is deeply rooted in American culture and history. It is a curious fact, too that as efforts are underway to de-gun America and to degauss the very thought of owning and possessing a firearm, the U.S. Government makes ever more use of the military to extend its reach abroad, and it makes use of an increasingly militarized, federalized police force at home to quell “public disorder.”


As we take a close look at the various strategies employed to destroy Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and as we look at the ways in which propagandists strive first to convey to and second to convince the American Public that the Second Amendment is not only unnecessary but that it is, in fact, outmoded – obsolete – it is important for you to keep in mind that gun dispossession efforts are not underway simply for their own sake.


What is at stake is, in fact, our way of life – America as a free republic.


For, it is our free republic that is being undermined. That is really what destruction of the Second Amendment means and why it is really under attack. This idea will become clear enough to you as we investigate the various ways in which the antigun groups undermine our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Antigun groups embrace a substantial arsenal of techniques to undermine the Second Amendment. Each technique is actually carefully designed and assiduously implemented for maximum effect. Together, these mechanisms operate as an inexorable battering ram to chip away at the core principle of the Second Amendment: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”


The Arbalest Quarrel has previously pointed to a few of the techniques and mechanisms antigun groups employ in their insidious goal to undercut and ultimately to destroy America’s unique and sacred Second Amendment. This Article will point to and discuss in much more detail the multi-various methods employed by the antigun establishment to destroy our sacred Second Amendment.


At the below link, we set out, and in subsequent articles we discuss, the nature of the various techniques antigun groups are currently employing to undercut the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. By first articulating and then by explaining how these techniques are used by the antigun groups, you will get a better picture of just how expansive these techniques are and you will see, too, how ambitious and how creative the antigun groups are as they work toward undercutting, dismantling, and, ultimately, destroying the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


Here is what we deem, at present, to be the salient methods the antigun groups use to undercut the Second Amendment. There are probably more; undoubtedly, the antigun groups are busy concocting others even as we publish this list at the following link:


See our recent post. Twenty-One Mechanisms For Defeating The Second Amendment


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