• July 23, 2024

Two Heroes Jump Into Action As Islamic Extremist Tries To Do Something Terrifying While On Commercial Airliner

An American Muslim man of Jordanian descent tried to hijack a German plan and crash it down, screaming “I want to meet Allah.” But, luckily, a group of Eastern Orthodox Christian men from Serbia took him down and beat him up. He first knocked on the door and tried to get inside; when they did not open the door, he began to try to smash it open, screaming, “I want to meet my god (Allah)!” He then threatened to open one of the doors of the plane. The Muslim also said that he wanted to take all of the passengers “to Allah.

” The attacker held a US passport and went by the name “Laken.” The plane was a German Lufthansa airliner, flying from Frankfurt to Belgrade. Here is the photo of the Muslim, which we received from our Balkans correspondent:
Two Eastern Orthodox Christians, Alexey Rastvortsev — from Russia — and Milan Mirkovich — from Serbia — who are both handball athletes, took the Muslim down and beat him up. Here are their photos:



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