• July 13, 2024

Two Large Foundations Pledge $100 Million For BLM



The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy are teaming up and have pledged to raise $100 million dollars for Black Lives Matter under the title of  Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF].  The money will be raised and distributed over the next six years.  That should buy a lot of lighter fluid and matches.  Perhaps a few skids of half bricks from Lowes.  It could be a big boon for Faberge.  With that kind of money, they could throw a better class of bottles.  That’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider all the other money they receive.

George Soros funneled money through his Open Society Foundation that financed the Ferguson riots to the tune of $33 million.  He provided another $650,000 for the riots in Baltimore.  We don’t know how much he gave the rioters in Milwaukee.  Maybe nothing.  If he had paid them, they would have rioted longer.  Late last year, the shady and secretive Democratic Alliance were urged to contribute to BLM and we don’t have a clue how much.

The Movement for Black Lives have laid out an interesting agenda.  From The Washington Times:

In doing so, however, the foundations have aligned themselves with the staunch left-wing platform of the Movement for Black Lives, which unveiled a policy agenda shortly after the fund was announced accusing Israel of being an “apartheid state” guilty of “genocide.”

Released Aug. 1, the platform also calls for defunding police departments, race-based reparations, breaking, voting rights for illegal immigrants, fossil-fuel divestment, an end to private education and charter schools, a “universal basic income,” and free college for blacks.

As far as critics are concerned, the grab-bag platform combined with the staggering underwriting commitment offer more evidence that Black Lives Matter is being used as a conduit for left-wing politics as usual.

“It’s about time people woke up to the fact that big money is using people as pawns to stoke racial hatred and further their global agenda,” said the Federalist Papers Project’s C.E. Dyer.

Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said corporations and others may want to think twice about partnering with the Ford Foundation, the fifth-largest U.S. philanthropy with $12.4 billion in assets.

“The Ford Foundation has traditionally been leftist, at least since the 1970s, on law-enforcement matters. So it’s not a huge surprise, but it’s certainly disappointing,” said Mr. Johnson. “I guess potential donors may want to look at the [Black Lives Matter] movement and see the damage, destruction and murders that they’ve left in their wake.”




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