• July 15, 2024

U.N. Official Arrested for Aiding and Abetting Hamas Terrorists


Israel has indicted a Palestinian U.N. official for giving aid and comfort to Hamas, a terrorist organization and an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This comes just days after they arrested the supervisor for a charity organization for similar charges.  Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, arrested 38-year-old Waheed Borsh and charged him for using his position to aid Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Shin Bet officials have reported that Borsh has confessed to the charges.

Shin Bet says that Borsh used his position at the UNDP, a UN development organization to build a jetty for Hamas’ naval forces and convinced his managers to favor rebuilding sections of the West Bank where Hamas leaders lived.  Israel informed the UN of the arrest and said they expected the UN to condemn actions by Borsh.  Fat chance of that happening.  The UN supports the actions of anyone wishing to destroy Israel

From Fox News:

Tuesday’s accusations are less severe than those aimed at Mohammed el-Halabi, World Vision’s Gaza office project manager, who last week was charged with diverting some 60 percent of the organization’s yearly budget to Hamas’ armed wing.

The Shin Bet says el-Halabi crafted an elaborate scheme to funnel funds, food, medical supplies and agricultural equipment to Hamas. He fraudulently listed the children of Hamas operatives as wounded, created straw organizations, and inflated project costs to divert cash, the agency said. Building supplies intended to support farming projects were transferred to Hamas for constructing tunnels and military installations, according to the Shin Bet.

The arrests would be proof that more needs to be done to keep charitable contributions for the area to be closely monitored to make sure the aid is going to the Palestinian people and not Hamas.

More from Fox News:

The allegations against el-Halabi and Borsh, if proven correct, would bolster Israel’s arguments for maintaining its blockade of Gaza, imposed after Hamas seized power in the coastal strip in 2007. Israel says the closure is vital to preventing Hamas from importing weapons and materials used to attack Israel. Egypt has imposed its own blockade on the territory.

Israel and Hamas has fought three wars over the past decade. Israel often accuses international aid groups of being biased against it.

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