• May 24, 2024

U.S. And China Submit Plans to U.N. on Climate Change Accord

Should I take comfort in knowing two of the most powerful liars on the face of the earth are going to cut carbon admissions? I am sure we can find comfort in knowing during A pomp-filled arrival ceremony on the airport’s tarmac, a scuffle between US officials and Chinese security  who attempted to keep members of the media and some senior Obama aides away from the US President. Peace in our life time, right!

According to CNN:

President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping submitted their nations’ plans to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon here, the host city of this year’s Group of 20 meetings.The US and China are the world’s largest carbon polluters, and officials hope their formal entry into the Paris accord will spur other nations to come aboard. The Paris agreement only goes into effect if 55 nations sign on.

We all would like to have clean air, no arguments there. But how much do you really think is going to come of this accord? I agree, nothing much, other than it looks like something is being done. Obama has to come away with something to say when leaving China and this will be it. The trade issue will not have any resolution because it will hardly be discussed. What do you Think?

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