US Senate: ‘Obamacare Is About To Meet Friday The 13th’

The Senate Majority Leader says that January 13th is THE DAY!


President-Elect Trump has promised that he will repeal and replace Obamacare though he will need the support of the Senate and the House of Representatives to get it done.

Apparently, all systems are “go” in the US Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the first steps to replace Obamacare will happen promptly.

“The first step (to repeal Obamacare) will be taken by the end of this week,” McConnell said during an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

McConnell also stressed that repealing and replacing Obamacare is something that “eight out of 10” Americans want to see happen, and pointed out that even if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had won the election, Congress would be revisiting the Obamacare issue.

“That doesn’t mean the law will end overnight. There will be a stable transition period, and once repeal is passed we will turn to replacement policies that cost less and work better than what we have now,” he wrote.

At this time, it is unclear on the specifics of Trump’s plan. He could use executive authority to help speed up the process. Democrats are in disarray and disbelief, as the shock of Hillary Clinton’s loss and the looming loss of Obama’s legacy are difficult for them to imagine.

The American Electorate has spoken, however, and they are tired of the corrupt games. Hopefully, this will be the first of many improvements that President-Elect Trump will tackle.

Watch the video report, below:

video caption: The Trump inauguration is more than two weeks away, but Congress is moving full speed ahead to get rid of Obamacare. The Senate narrowly approved a fast-track resolution on Wednesday to begin repealing the Affordable Care Act. The vote followed President Obama’s visit with Democrats working to save his signature achievement. Nancy Cordes reports.


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