• September 24, 2023

V.I.P. Trump Is Bringing To Final Debate Will Make Hillary Uncomfortable

Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, a State Department IT consultant killed during the terrorist attack blames Hillary Clinton for her son’s death. Now at the third debate, Trump is breaking out the big guns again, he has invited the mother of one of the men that was killed in the Benghazi terror attack in Libya on September 11, 2012. This is a subject that the Democrats and Hillary are using time to just erase from the memory of the American people, which is completely possible considering the attention span of the masses.

According to AmericanFreedomfighters:

Yahoo News reports that she has accepted Trumps invitation to the final showdown between the candidates in Las Vegas. “I want to look in Hillary’s eyes, and have her lie to me again,” Smith told Yahoo News. In Smith’s speech to the Republican National Convention back in July in Cleveland, she directly blamed Clinton for the death of her son.

“Hillary said ‘What difference does it make.’  The difference was four lives were lost in Benghazi, and the families still have never had a solid answer from Hillary Clinton as to why we allowed this to happen. Hopefully Wednesday these families will get their answer. What do you think?

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