• December 11, 2023

[VIDEO] Angry Dog-Owner Lashes Out At Good Samaritan In Shocking Encounter

A video of a man confronting a good samaritan who tried to help his struggling dog which was posted on Facebook Monday evening is making a stir on social media.

The video in question was taken by a bystander outside a Bosley’s pet store at 6941 Victoria Drive in Vancouver on Monday, where a man apparently left his french bulldog in the back of his car with the windows only cracked a few inches. A passerby noticed the dog and reported that it seemed to be struggling in the heat, panting, drooling and putting its nose up to the window.

An employee in the pet store, Jennifer Thi, who posted the video on her Facebook page later that day, went to investigate the situation. After opening the unlocked door and removing the dog, the owner of the vehicle and dog approached her and began shouting profanity.

The shocking encounter is not only hostile but disturbing in regards to the man’s continued rant against the two women attempting to help his dog. Read Jennifer’s story:

So today at work (I work at a pet food and supplies store) this happened. Here’s the story:

A woman walks into my store and asks if we know whose french bulldog was in a grey car in our parking lot (we share a parking lot with a 7/11 and a hair salon). She said it was left in a car and was in distress, so I went out with her to check it out. Upon looking at the dog, I could tell it was overheating – the windows in the car were opened half an inch and the dog was panting heavily, drooling, and was trying to be as close to the crack of fresh air as possible with not even any water in the car.

May I also mention that french bulldogs are extremely susceptible to respiratory issues and trouble breathing?

As my partner is about to call the non emergency line, I’m trying to find out how to help this dog. I didn’t expect anything to happen from doing this, but I tried opening the passenger side door when I found out it was unexpectedly unlocked. We both are shocked and have no idea whose car or dog this was, so we agreed that I should bring it into my store and wait for the owner to pick it up.

(Note: the woman, before coming to my store, had gone into both the 7/11 and the hair salon asking for the owner of the vehicle and no one had said anything.)

Just as we’re going to leash the dog, a man who has been standing in front of this car THIS ENTIRE TIME sipping on a slurpee asks us what we’re doing. He has heard everything we’ve said, he’s silently watched as I’ve opened the car door and get a hold of the dog.

I ask him if the car is his. He says yes. The dog is his, too.

My partner then proceeds to tell him that he shouldn’t have left his dog in the car and that his windows were nowhere close to being rolled down sufficiently when he turns completely angry on us and tells us we know nothing about dogs or hot cars, that his dog had air through the cracks of opened window he gave it and therefore was completely comfortable, and basically yelling about us not being justified in trying to save his overheating bulldog.

He then turns to me, where I’m standing by the opened door making sure his dog doesn’t run into the street, and tells me to “not touch (his) fucking door and dog.” I don’t comply because 1) I’m allowing his dog to breathe and 2) by this time he was being such an asshole that I wasn’t going to give in to his orders just because he was taller and bigger and louder than me.

He then proceeds to march over to where I am, slam the door right in front of me (almost slamming it on his dog’s face) and forcefully walks right into me and starts screaming in my face.

The video starts in the latter end of his screaming act at me. The rest you can watch for yourself.

I’m very lucky that the woman I was with filmed this and caught his face, how much his windows were rolled down, and his licence plate. People like this shouldn’t have pets and shouldn’t get away with unacceptable behaviour.

It would mean a lot if you could share this to spread the word about leaving animals in hot, unventilated cars. I suppose some people just don’t get it… But maybe after seeing how irrational his argument is, hopefully some people will think twice before making a “sandwich and slurpee” stop. You can’t wait until your pet dies from being in a hot car to realize how quickly it can get hot and how a little sliver of a window essentially does nothing.

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