• December 11, 2023

[VIDEO] Customer Sees Waiter Having Rough Day, So He Gives Him The Shock Of His Life

One customer at a restaurant told his waiter that he was “very controversial” by saying “Merry Christmas” — but what he did before that was anything but controversial.

There’s not much that we can tell about where this video took place — although it appears to have taken place in a Don Pablo’s Tex-Mex restaurant — or who was in it, although LittleThings identified the family that was dining as the Green family. The Greens noticed that one waiter was having a rough night, so they called him over to the table when it was their time to pay.

When he asked if the waiter was having a hard time, he said yes. But Mr. Green had noticed that he was working very hard, and he wanted to do something when he gave the waiter his tip.

“So what I’m going to do for you is I’m going to give you your tip right here, and then I’m going to sow into your life, OK?” he said. With that, he handed the young man $100. “I just want to sow into your life, I can sense–“

With that, the waiter interrupted him. “You just paid off my car, sir.”

Green would give even more money to the waiter, giving him a tip of $300. At the end, he hugged the sobbing waiter, saying, “I’m a very controversial person, OK: Merry Christmas to you.”

What this family did shows the true spirit of what Christmas is all about. I know, I know — you’ve heard it a thousand times: It’s better to give than receive. Yes, yes, that’s all very good. But you’re still hoping your wife got you that Harman/Kardon dock with the new iPhone 7 she had better be presenting you with on Christmas morning.

However, one look into this waiter’s face and you can palpably sense what this holiday — celebrating the birth of an individual who would give everything for mankind on the cross 33 short years later — is all about.


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