• July 13, 2024

[VIDEO] Democrats Try to Break Into Detroit Church Where Trump Spoke



Democrats, who hate God tried to break into a church, where members came to hear Donald Trump speak.  Defiling a church is no biggie for a party that has openly booed God.

Fifty of them attempted to break into the church to disrupt the services being held there.  Horseback officers retreated from the mob but church security held firm after the mob tried to break in through a backdoor to the church.

In my opinion the mob was made up of two main groups, the leaders who hoped to reap huge rewards for disrupting the services from the Hillary camp and the useful sheep who still have not learned the lessons of Detroit.  Detroit used to be the most prosperous city in America and after decades of progressive rule, they sank into bankruptcy.  The republican governor appointed a republican to oversee the city’s finances and brought them out of debt, but the voters will continue to vote for suicide.

Even Bill Clinton, who suggested that the city give the surplus houses and the few jobs that are available to Syrian refugees isn’t enough to wake these people.  They keep marching to the democratic beat just like the children followed the Pied Piper.

Meanwhile, inside the church, the congregation heard a different kind of speech from a politician.  Instead of coming into the city and claiming to have all the answers, Trump said he had come to learn.  Sure, he addresses schools and crime, but he understood that only the residents understood what they needed.  As a result, Trump was given a standing ovation.


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