• June 17, 2024

[VIDEO] Ferguson Protesters Discuss Plans to Target White Neighborhoods

Lisa Fithian was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington. She is an anti-capitalist revolutionary.

Anarchist leader Lisa Fithian held several training sessions this month for Ferguson activists. At least 600 “activists” have already been trained.

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On Saturday one of her trainers told the attendees that they were going to target white areas.

“Personally, I think we DON’T need to be on West Florissant. I wanna advocate that we go on South Florissant because the people on South Florissant don’t look like me. The people on West Florissant look like me and they’re with it. So… I really don’t have anything to protest on West Florissant. So if I’m in the area I’m going to Ferguson Police Department.”


Watch the video below:


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I foresee some of these people receiving a face full of lead after facing the hot barrel of a gun. These animals continue to stir up trouble and sooner or later, they’re gonna get what they’re asking for and it will not be to their advantage.

People of all nationalities are sick and tired of this element of society who thinks it’s okay to behave in this manner, anytime they feel they’ve been ‘wronged’ or don’t get their way.

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