• June 13, 2024

[Video] Megyn Kelly Takes Down Former Head of New Black Panthers


Megyn Kelly was interviewing former head of the New Black Panthers, Malik Shabazz and he was up to his usual antics when Kelly decided she had enough and she laid one on him ajax couldn’t take off.  In that interview, Shabazz claimed that Megyn Kelly was a white supremacist because she pointed out that Shabazz was lying about renowned thug, Michael Brown.

From The Blaze:

During an interview Monday on “The Kelly File,” Malik Shabazz referenced Michael Brown as a victim of police brutality against black Americans. But Kelly interjected, “Do you understand that at least five black witnesses came forward in that case to say that Michael Brown was the aggressor on Officer Darren Wilson?”

Shabazz replied that Brown was “unarmed.” Then Kelly said he was the “aggressor” because although he was unarmed “he tried to steal the cop’s gun.”

Shabazz said Kelly’s “attitude is part of the problem.”

“I have no attitude but to uphold the truth,” Kelly replied.

Shabazz accused Kelly of holding a position of “white supremacy, white privilege.”

“For the record, I’m not a white supremacist,” Kelly said, laughing. She added that when one makes such “insensitive statements” it becomes “hard to take you seriously.”

Kelly asked Shabazz if he thinks white people are “inherently evil.”

He replied that “your policies and your actions are evil.”

“So there’s no reasoning with you,” Kelly told Shabazz.


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