• July 24, 2024

[VIDEO] Muslim KFC Worker Goes Berserk For Customer Asking For Bacon

Is “Muslim Rage Boy” now everywhere seething in a fast food restaurant near you? Is an order for bacon on your sandwich the last straw that lights a short fuse of fast food violence? After seeing this video, it may not seem so far fetched. Is Islam incompatible with the Modern Western way of life?

See the video and story by Warner Todd Huston below:

Restaurants in Sydney, Australia have been foolish enough to demand that no bacon be served in order not to upset the delicate mental balance of the Muslim population. But one customer ordered bacon on his sandwich, anyway. The result was a Muslim Kentucky Fried Chicken employee who began to scream and threaten the customer for daring to even mention the word “bacon.”

Once the customer uttered the dreaded “B” word, the employee begins to scream “I’m gonna f***ing break your head bro!”

He was also unhappy that he was being recorded.

“Don’t record me bitch!” he screams. “Don’t f***ing record me!”

H/T: The Minority Report Blog

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