• May 24, 2024

[Video] Police Raids Building With Huge Clinton Poster on Front


Federal agents raided the headquarters of the IBEW union in Philadelphia, loading up an entire truck with records.  They have now raided the IBEW HQ, the home of union president John Dougherty, aka Johnny Doc, his pub and a couple of other locations.  The boxes they carried out were marked  ‘investments,’ ‘payroll,’ and ‘taxes’.

From NBC Philadelphia:

A common link for all the search sites became clear immediately: the city’s most influential labor union, IBEW Local 98, and its powerful leader known by the moniker Johnny Doc.

The FBI confirmed by mid-morning that the searches and subsequent seizures of enough boxes to fill an actual rental truck were part of an “ongoing investigation,” apparently into the Philadelphia local for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

John Dougherty, who played a major role in getting Mayor Jim Kenney elected last year and at the same time helped his brother Kevin win a seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, paced outside his home as agents searched inside.


The FBI agents were entering and leaving the building that sported a huge Hillary campaign sign.  The IBEW endorsed Hillary for president and spent $80,000 during convention week to promote her.  Both Clinton and the IBEW is known for corruption.


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