• July 24, 2024

[VIDEO] School Bus Bursts Into Flames, Brave Driver Jumps Into Action


Every day as a parent we send our children out into the world. We pray that they will make it home safely, and they will have a good day. Monday evening in Maryland, every parents nightmare came reality. A school bus burst into flames with 20 elementary schools on board. At that moment, Bus driver Reneita Smith took all 20 schoolchildren out of the bus one by one and went back inside to make sure everyone had left the burning vehicle…


A school bus caught fire in Maryland – but all 20 children inside escaped unharmed thanks to the brave driver.

The vehicle was caught on footage having burst into flames in College Park on Monday evening while transporting students from Glen Arden Woods Elementary School.

Dashcam footage showed the vehicle stopped on one side of the road with orange flames and a heavy cloud of dark smoke coming from the windows.

Driver Reneita Smith, who has two children of her own, acted quickly.

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This is quick thinking on the part of the bus driver. She acted quickly, and saved 20 lives. She is definitely a hero.

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