• July 13, 2024

[VIDEO] Superintendent Defends Thug, 17 in Assault on Girl, 5


Police say the picture was flipped by app on cell phone


A 17 year old boy slapped the face of a 5 year old girl on the bus in Bamberg, SC.  The boy, Tavon Walters is on probation and a history of violence reached over the seat on the bus and told another girl, “‘if you don’t hit her then I’m going to hit her for you.”  He grabbed her hand and used it to slap the girl’s face.  Later, the girl’s father, Terry Peters, picked up his daughter, Jasmine from after school care and saw her face.  He took a picture as evidence.

Incredibly, the superintendent (Hopefully, soon to be former superintendent) defended the thug, saying that the video shows the thug slapped her on the other side of the face, even though police say the picture was flipped.

Even more incredible was her interview with Liz Owens.  here is the exchange in question:

Liz Owens: “This kid has been in trouble at school before no secret, they’re saying he’s on probation, why is it that someone who has a history like that allowed to ride the bus, especially with young students?”
Phyllis Schwarting: “Well, he had not had any bus incidents for one.”
Liz Owens: “So it doesn’t really matter how bad of trouble you get in at school? You could hit a kid at school or have a history of being violent at school as long, as that didn’t happen on the bus, he’s not going to lose his bus privileges?”
Phyllis Schwarting: “Well that’s sort of taking things out of context.”

Schwarting would not comment on the possibility of the picture being flipped. She told Liz Owens, “I have information to the contrary.”

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From WRDW 12:

Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office told On Your Side they are currently not investigating child abuse or cruelty to children cases. Bamberg police say their only suspect is Tavon Walters. Walters is out on bond. He is back in court on September 26th, 2016.

Well, why the hell not?  Because the victim was white and the attacker was black?



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