• September 30, 2022

[Video] Surveillance Video Shows Murderer Dragging Body of Victim


Surveillance video shows before and after action, but not the actual attack of a 34 year old woman in a senseless random murder occuring at a parking garage on the campus of a Grand Rapids Michigan Community college.  The video shows the two entering the parking garage’s stairwell at 2 AM.  The attack happened out of the view of the camera.  The next thing you see is victim Jeanne Huntoon collapse on a sidewalk 30 minutes later and the confessed murderer,  Marcus Bivins, 19, dragging her lifeless body along the sidewalk.

From MLive:

Video released by the college through a Freedom of Information Act request shows a man and a woman enter the parking garage’s stairwell shortly before 2 a.m. They don’t appear on camera again until about 30 minutes later, when Huntoon collapses on the sidewalk in the 100 block of Bostwick Avenue NE.

The suspect paces several times in front of the parking ramp, stopping to look at the woman’s body. He kneels down next to Huntoon at one point, then begins to drag her. He pauses, walks away, then returns and continues to pull her along the sidewalk.

Bivins has a long criminal history that began when he was just 13.

Warning:  Graphic video.  Use discretion:


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