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VIDEO: They Did it Again, Get Rid of Your Gillette Razors, NOW

The over 100 year-old company has decided that the best approach for its business is to appeal to a very small percentage group of the nation.


In the most recent ad from the company shows a transgender male shaving for the first time as his dad watches him.

“Growing up I was always trying to figure out what kind of man I want to become and I’m still trying to figure out what kind that I want to become,” the Canadian transgender teen, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, said.

“Now don’t be scared. Shaving is about being confident. You are doing fine,” the dad said as he watches the teen shave.

“It’s not just myself transitioning. It’s everyone around me transitioning,” Brown said as the commercial ends.

“Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special,” the company said in the tagline of the ad.

Brown spoke about shooting the ad on his Facebook page and what it meant for him to share his story with everyone.

I shot this ad for Gillette and wanted to include my father, who has been one of my greatest supporters throughout my transition, encouraging me to be confident and live authentically as my best self.

With the help of Gillette, I was able to share an important milestone in every man’s life with my father.

Wall Street Journal reports:

Gillette is embracing the #MeToo movement in a new digital ad campaign aimed at men, the latest message from an advertiser attempting to change societal norms.

The ad, dubbed “We Believe,” opens with audio of news about the current #MeToo movement, bullying and “toxic masculinity.”

A narrator then goes on to dispute the notion that “boys will be boys,” asking, “Is this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has been going on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.”

The ad puts a new spin on the brand’s 30-year tagline, “The Best A Man Can Get,” challenging men to take positive actions, such as stopping other men, and the next generation, from harassing women.

The ad will be hosted on Gillette’s YouTube page with paid digital and social support.

Gillette parent Procter & Gamble Co. is among companies that in recent years have used advertising as a platform to promote their stance on social issues such as gender equality, and polarizing political topics such as immigration and gun control.

P&G is perhaps best known for its lauded “Like a Girl” ad campaign for feminine-care brand Always and “Stress test” for deodorant brand Secret.

The latest ad, created by Gillette’s ad agency Grey, is among the first to address the #MeToo movement head on, and to blatantly tell men to change their behavior.

So according to liberals, the left and now Gillette masculinity is bad, and women want men who act more like women.

Of course this is stupid, and due to backfire.

Throw your Gillette razors in the trash and buy from a company that doesn’t take sides in American politics.

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