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VIDEO: Trump In Defense Of Planned Parenthood. Liberals Dancing!

As time goes on, The Donald sounds and acts less like a conservative and more like a liberal. Not only has he come out in support of single payer healthcare, he is now defending Planned Parenthood.

The Right Scoop Liberals were surprised and happy to hear the Donald sing the praises of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America.


Of course, Chuck Todd pushes the liberal narrative on this, and Trump loves it, that Planned Parenthood is able to separate the money it gets from the federal government from spending on abortions. A businessman like Trump should understand how obvious it is that the support of such spending expands beyond what you can report in the accounting books. Further, Planned Parenthood commits other accounting tricks in order to make it seem like they perform other women’s healthcare procedures at a higher rate, but they’re no where near what Trump says they are.

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