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[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Harassed Over #buildthewall T Shirt

A Donald Trump supporter wore his #buildthewall t shirt in the clubhouse area of his apartment complex.  As he was minding his own business a man and a woman started harassing him over the shirt.  You can hear during the video that he continually asks them to leave.  The woman was the main aggressor and I have to believe she is an illegal alien, otherwise she would not have been offended by the shirt.  Of course that is only a guess.



The Trump supporter than asks if he can film the harassment and is told:

‘film it, go for it… you’re the f***ing d**khead wearing a hashtag build the wall shirt.’

Morton then asks the two to leave him alone but of course they don’t.

From The Mail Online:

‘You say you want to build the wall, are you a racist? the woman asks. ‘I’m Mexican, so just wondering, are you racist?’

Morton then is heard saying he would rather not discuss anything with the people, which prompts the man to reply: ‘well of course you don’t, you’re the one wearing a f***ed up shirt, man. Don’t wear s*** like that around here.

‘You live here, among a bunch of different people from a bunch of races, different religions, do you really think you’re going to make friends wearing a shirt like that around here.’


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