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[VIDEO] Watch Sheriff David Clarke Destroy Geraldo Rivera



For fifty years blacks have voted democrats into office by a 93-7 majority.  But, what have they gotten for their loyalty?  Nothing.  Democrats only recognize the fact that blacks even live every other year, when elections are held.  Come election time, they tell blacks that republicans want to take their welfare away and they are right.  Republicans take no pleasure in holding down the black community to win elections.  That’s why they support school choice and reject allowing millions of illegals to take jobs away from black Americans.

In the vice presidential debates, Mike pence angered liberals when he said black Americans are living in hell,”.  Kaine did one of his infantile rants after Mike Pence said that.  Geraldo Rivera, a celebrity for some unfathomable reason.  But then he made a mistake.  This little man decided he could go toe to toe with Sheriff David Clarke.

From The US Herald:

In the cable channel’s post-vice presidential debate coverage, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke said he objected to Kaine’s criticism, pointing out that he himself – an African-American – had said the same thing.

“I said the American ghetto is a hellhole — unless Mrs. Bill Clinton and Sen. Kaine think it’s OK for blacks to live in entrenched poverty with failing schools, inadequate housing and crime-infested neighborhoods.”

Rivera, who was born and raised in New York City, where he still lives, said Clarke was “unfair”in making generalizations about black neighborhoods.

Clarke responded by claiming Clinton and Kaine – and Rivera – apparently “think it’s OK for a growing number of people to live in these hellholes called the American ghetto. It’s not OK.”

Rivera took exception, saying, “Harlem is not a hellhole. I got news for you. There are beautiful brownstones there. There’s a striving middle class.”

Clarke ended the discussion by inviting Rivera to ride along with him on patrol for a week in Milwaukee and Chicago.

“I’ll show you a different part of the American ghetto… that’s the part we don’t want to talk about. You want to talk about the areas that have been revitalized.”

Rivera didn’t accept… but he didn’t turn down the invitation, either.

Yeah, but the bottom line is he didn’t accept.


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