• May 27, 2024

[Video] Woman Has Foul Breath For Years, But The Reason Why Stunned Her

Beckler was plagued with tonsil stones.

These occur when food and debris calcify in the tonsil pockets. The result is a horrendous and foul odor that would make anyone quickly step back.

Known by the medical name, tonsilloliths, these sulfurous-smelling stones are actually quite common.

“If you have tonsil stones and they bother you, some people recommend gargling with salt water or other special mouth washes, flushing them out with a water pick or popping them out with something soft like your finger or a cotton swab” a YouTube video about tonsil stones (below)  explained. “And if the problem gets really severe, your doctor might recommend a tonsillectomy or a procedure to smooth out the tonsil.”

Usually, after tonsil stones are removed they don’t return. Beckler used a procedure called laser ablation which successfully got rid of her foul-smelling stones.

“I had tried everything, so for me, it was the only option,” she said. “And it has proven very effective.”

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