• April 13, 2024

Viewers outraged over Jeep’s Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Jeep is facing criticism online for their Super Bowl commercial that used a song about America but featured a montage of all parts of the world.

In the commercial titled “Beautiful Lands,” clips of places around the world are played to a version of Woody Guthrie’s, “This Land Is Your Land.” The images shown in the commercial are particularly beautiful and inspiring, but many people seemed to think the company got it wrong, as the song that they used was specifically about America, not the whole world.

“They are showing video of places not in America while playing ‘This Land is Your Land’ which is about America,” one Twitter user pointed out along with the hashtags #CommercialFail and #SuperBowl.

“Confused as to why Jeep used a song so closely associated with America to showcase images of different countries,” another user tweeted.

“Jeep should be kicked out of America for using that song as an advertisement for the world,” one angry user argued.

Despite backlash, a statement defending and explaining the ad was released.

The statement claims that the commercial was “a unique and surprising twist upon the iconic piece of music, ‘This Land is Your Land,’ written as a crowning tribute to America’s homeland, and expands its interpretation into a global celebration of all lands across the world.

“The catalyst that takes viewers on an unexpected musical and visual odyssey, [the ad] creates a connection to show the Jeep brand’s evolution,” the statement continues. “As performed by recording artist Marc Scibilia, the song and the ‘Beautiful Lands’ video share a message of freedom and reverence, and also introduces ‘This Land Is Your Land’ to a new generation of fans, inviting a fresh and new appreciation for the song.”

Take a look at the Jeep ad below. Do you think the company missed the mark?

Official 2015 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | Beautiful Lands | Jeep Renegade

Sources: E News, Forbes

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