• July 23, 2024

Villagers Kill an Cut Open a Crocodile…What’s Inside Will Make You Sick [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

People in the small village of Mushumbi Pools in Mashonaland Central Province shot and killed a crocodile in the nearby river.  Normally the river is not deep or wide enough for crocodiles has suffered from flooding which has driven these beasts into areas where they normally will not go.

The village was missing an eight year old boy and the villagers suspected the crocodile of having eaten the boy.  They transported the crocodile to their village and cut his stomach open and to their dismay found various parts of the young boy inside.  They pulled the remains out of the croc’s stomach and laid them on a gray blanket they set up next to the beast.

From The Mail Online:

The remains of the boy, whose name has not been revealed, were removed from the crocodile and buried two days later in a village funeral.

The grisly images show men slitting open the crocodile, pulling human body parts from its belly and placing them on a grey blanket next to the dead animal.

Villagers and a local policeman can be seen in the background of the film, silently watching the grim operation unfold.

Local reporter Simbarashe Sithole said: ‘The crocodile was shot and was then cut open. The boy’s remains were found in the beast’s stomach.’

Zimbabwe has recently been hit by heavy rain, raising river and dam levels, which can bring crocodiles to areas where they are not normally seen.

A crocodile was recently shot dead in Beatrice, a farming community in the neighbouring province of Mashonaland East, with what were believed to be the remains of a fisherman in its stomach. 


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