• July 19, 2024

Vonderrick Myers, Jr., of St. Louis Shooting, Tests Positive For Gun Powder Residue

Gunshot residue lab results have just been released in the fatal shooting of Vonderrick Myers, Jr.  An off duty police officer says the teen shot first. The teen was killed when he returned fire in the October 8th shooting in the Shaw neighborhood.

promo237527049A gunshot residue kit results, released by police, reveal that Myers recently shot a gun.  Analysis samples from his hands indicates the presence of gunshot residue.  But, according to the release, “The presence of gunshot residue on a person’s hands could mean the individual discharged a firearm, was near a firearm when it was discharged, or touched an object with gunshot residue on it. Individuals shot at close range can have gunshot residue deposited onto their hands.”

Myers also tested positive for residue on his jeans, belt and t-shirt.

The suspect’s family claimed publicly that Myers did not have a gun.  But,  FOX 2 has learned the suspect, shot and killed last week by police, showed off his stolen gun to anyone who would look.

When will people learn that when you live and act like a thug, you will die like a thug. Trayvon Martin learned that lesson the hard way as did Mike Brown of #Ferguson, and now Vonderrick Myers, Jr. has met the same fate.

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