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Washington Post Gets Blasted For Latest Trump-Hitler Comparison

Last week the Washington Post’s Amanda Erickson, a foreign affairs writer, tried to liken president Trump to Adolf Hitler. This is far from the first time the left has tried making this comparison, and it’s actually kind of sad that they can’t come up with new material at this point.


The Blaze’s Buck Sexton decided that he’s had enough of these baseless comparisons and had some powerful words on the matter. Check out his segment below!

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Buck Sexton blasts the Washington Post for it’s latest Trump-Hitler comparison

In a piece for the Washington Post last week, foreign affairs writer Amanda Erickson likened President Donald Trump’s creation of the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office, or VOICE, to the tactics used by Adolf Hitler to spread distrust and fear of Jews among the German people during the buildup to World War II.

Critics of the plan, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), have alleged that this new government office will make crimes by immigrants appear more common than they really are, citing multiple studies that purportedly show that immigrants are more law-abiding than U.S. citizens.

Thursday afternoon on “The Buck Sexton Show,” Sexton countered this narrative by pointing out the fundamental differences between the two leaders’ initiatives:

Keep in mind what the objection is here. They’re objecting to the sharing of facts that directly affect public safety. They have a problem with that.

By comparing it to what was done in Nazi Germany they don’t stop for a minute to say, “Hold on a second. The anti-Semitic cartoons and the anti-Semitic propaganda that Nazi Germany was using was explicitly racist and also was all lies.”

So maybe you want to start there. Publishing a list of crimes that are not actually crimes committed by people is very different from publishing a list of crimes committed by a group that has nothing to do with their race, gender or ethnicity and that is actual crimes, in the case of illegal immigrants.

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