• December 6, 2023

[WATCH] Angry Mob Takes Vengeance On Perverted Pedophile

Another day, another pedophile story, except this one has a twist. It seems the gentleman tried to set up a rendezvous with a young teen after chatting online, but for safety sake, she brought along a few friends. Let’s just say it didn’t work out as the victim planned.

According to Fury News:

The man had arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl after chatting her online and telling her that he wanted to have sex with her. The teenager arrived for the “date,” but instead of a sexual rendezvous taking place like the perv had thought, the girl brought along a gang of her teenage friends who would then enact a brutal revenge upon the pedophile.

What they did next would ensure that this man would never be able to harm another child as long as he lived.

Soon after ambushing the 47-year-old man, the group of teens then went into a violent frenzy, attacking the man as he writhed around in pain covered in blood. The graphic footage shows the group of young people beating and kicking the man, as a dozen or so witnesses look on laughing and cheering, as blood streams from the man’s nose.

Watch the video here:

In this day and age is it appropriate to apply vigilant justice ? I don’t know about you, but I like to see the predator in a matter of  moments becomes the prey. It’s almost heart warming. Would you do the same?

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