• May 27, 2024

WATCH: Clinton Campaign Workers Told “Whatever You Can Get Away With, Just Do It”

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recently shot undercover footage of a Democrat attorney telling Hillary Clinton volunteers what the nominee herself seems to think about the law. When it comes to voter registration laws, say Clinton campaign workers, It’s not about the law, stupid. It’s about “whatever you can get away with.”

I know. I’m shocked, too. (Cough.)

Las Vegas attorney and Clinton campaign manager Christina Gupana told Nevada volunteers in the 2015 footage, “Whatever you can get away with, just do it. Until you get kicked out, like totally.”

The video also includes John Podesta, Chairman of the Hillary for America campaign. You remember good ‘ole John. He worked for Obama and was previously Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. Probably just a coincidence.

Gupana helped manage the Hillary Clinton campaign’s voter registration drive in Nevada. This li’l sweetheart and her compadres violated Nevada voter registration laws by being openly partisan during registration drives – even though they knew it was against the law, according to Project Veritas. Some campaign workers thought a librarian calling them out on the violation of state law was funny (see video). Apparently potential felonies is pretty amusing to Democrats.

But what else is new?

As Project Veritas points out, Democrat logic seems to be, If you don’t get caught, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Why doesn’t it occur to these people to simply obey the law in the first place? That pesky forgiveness vs. permission thing.

But, hey! What difference does it make? Like, totally.

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