• October 26, 2021

[WATCH] Glenn Beck: I’ve Been Wrong About Trump!

He’s not endorsing, … yet, but he’s not attacking, either. Is this the beginning of the backpedalling of Beck?

Glenn Beck admitted that he’s been wrong every step of the way about Donald Trump this presidential election cycle.

Beck went on CNN to discuss a possible jump aboard Trump’s candidacy, despite calling him a “pathological narcissistic sociopath.” He told host Alisyn Camerota that “Unlike some politicians I say what I mean and mean what I say.”

“I’m not suddenly in love with Donald Trump or a supporter of Donald Trump,” Beck said, while also saying that he’s not endorsing anyone in the race. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tx was the first politician he had ever endorsed.

“I will tell you this. The secret behind Donald Trump, because I have been wrong about Donald Trump every step of the way,” said Beck. “I just didn’t think that this would work. I just didn’t think people would take him seriously.

“I thought people would have a problem with some of the things that he said,” Beck continued. “But they haven’t. And when you see that the Bernie Sanders people are now saying a quarter of them, in some polls, are saying that they will come over to Donald Trump, it’s not about Marxism, it is not about capitalism, it is not about policy, it is about destroying the system that has been lying to us on both sides for as long as I’ve lived.”

Beck said the democrats and republicans are both out of touch with voters, hence the revolt and deep following of candidates like Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, Beck said Hillary Clinton is running her campaign like it’s 2008.

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t realize that the game has entirely changed,” Beck said. “She is playing the old main line politician that will say whatever they have to say to get elected. Donald Trump, I think also says whatever he has to say to get elected, but in a completely different way. It is not about what he is saying, as much as it is how he is saying it.”

Watch Beck’s CNN interview here: