• April 13, 2024

[WATCH] He Accidentally FaceTimes Girlfriend & She Notices Someone Else In His Bed!

This boyfriend was out all night partying with his bros, posting online pics of them with girls. The next morning, his rings his girlfriend and they connect via FaceTime. She’s looks worried and asks, “What’s going on?” He immediately replies, he didn’t mean to FaceTime her right then..

The boyfriend tries to get off of FaceTime when BAM, her eyes pop-out as she notices another person move in the bed next to him! She asks, “Who is that?” Boyfriend relies, “Nobody..” The girlfriend reacts rightly confused and pissed!

Omg. . . there’s no denying it now, there’s certainly another person with dark hair lying in bed with the guy. She bombards him with the motherload of “F” bombs and proceeds to get even more hysterical calling him a liar.

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