• July 13, 2024

[WATCH] Passenger Spits In Seattle Bus Driver’s Face, Gets Nasty Lesson In Manners

Did the bus driver deserve to be fired after implementing this beat down? Can’t say that I blame him!

Seattle bus driver Dennis Echols was fired after he beat up 23-year-old passenger Ethan McKinney for spitting in his face.

Echols represents the latest entrant into the Bus Fight Hall of Fame, joining prestigious members like 67-year-old Thomas “Epic Beard Man” Bruso, who opened a can of whoopass on a fellow Oakland, California transit bus passenger.

While we here at TomoNews US don’t condone Echols’ actions, the King County Metro bus driver was faced with a problem public transport employees nationwide know all too well, a passenger who refuses to get off the f***ing bus.

McKinney, who for my money was high as a kite, repeatedly told Echols to “kill himself”. While Echols quickly lost his temper, sh** only got real after McKinney spat in the 61-year-old’s face as he was leaving the bus.

Echols reacted by hurling an eight-pound rubber wheel block directly into McKinney’s face. He then proceeded to beat the living sh*t out of the guy.

Unsurprisingly, the incident cost Echols his job and both men are currently facing assault charges.

Watch below:


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