• April 19, 2024

[WATCH] Shocking Footage Shows RAT Gnawing On Pre-Mature Baby In Incubator

A premature baby, only a few hours old, was bitten by a large rat after the rat crawled inside the baby’s incubator at the Western Regional Hospital in Belize.

The nurses who placed the tiny baby into the incubator didn’t realize that the rat had gotten into the protective crib until they heard the child screaming. Shocking footage (above) was taken of the rat crawling around inside the sterile unit as nurses attempt to capture it. Hospital administrator Bernadette Seaver said:

“It is unfortunate this situation happened and we regret that it happened to this child. We hope it would never happen again. We realize that it may have come in through the vent for the AC outlet.”

In recent months, an abundance of rats reportedly infested the hospital’s pantry. After the incident, the pantry was shut down and a new food storage room was built. Seaver said:

“We’ve had a provisional company come in and help us. It has drastically reduced the population and we have taken measures where we have removed all foods that were kept on wards after patients have eaten.”

Watch what happens in the video:



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