• June 27, 2022

WH Bans CNN, NYT, Buzzfeed, LAT and Politico From Press Conference

The Whitehouse Held a press gaggle on Friday afternoon and the biggest news story was not any White House announcement, but who was banned from the gaggle.  They include CNN, NYT, LAt, Buzzfeed and Politico.  Their attendance wasn’t really necessary, since they make up their own fake news anyway.

The informal press conference, which is different from the regular press briefing did include the press pool reporter.  WaPo’s designated snowflake, Eric Wemple and the ever obnoxious Glenn Thrush tweeted about the gaggle:








Poor CNN.  I guess they don’t realize the majority of Americans don’t like the fake news they print.  And of course they will continue their reports.  Why not?  The type of news they report can easily be done in the comfort of your mamma’s basement.  The press has used these types of tactics to destroy people in the past and they are frustrated that doesn’t work with Trump because he dosn’t care about them and the American people have awakened after seeing how the fake news reported as truth by these so called media outlets.

H/T Mediate

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