• July 13, 2024

What’s The First Thing You Do After You Crash Your Lamborghini? You Won’t Believe What This Kid Did…

Crashing an expensive car is not the worst of it. He killed one person and injured two others, among other things. What he did after he wrapped the car around a tree is despicable. It’s all caught on video.

RARE: Right after you crashed into three pedestrians, a motorcycle, and a tree is not the time to stick your head out of your Lamborghini and send off a text. That is what Wiyang Lautner did after his street race with a Ferrari ended badly.

The 24-year-old Indonesian driver plowed through a married couple and the milk vendor they were purchasing from,  the Jakarta Post reported. Kuswanto, 51, was killed on impact but his body was carried along for several yards. His wife Srikanti, 41, and the vendor Mujianto, 44, both received broken legs and serous injuries.

After slamming his car into a tree Lautner leaned half way out of the smoking vehicle and casually sends off a text. His actions, and the aftermath of the crash he caused, were all caught on video by an onlooker.

Lautner is now in police custody, Daily News reports.

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