• July 19, 2024

White and Blue Lives Don’t Matter Says Post on Black Student Site


A tweet from  Texas Tech University Black Students Association (@TTUBSA) is causing quite a stir.  The offending tweet claims that “White Lives Don’t Matter” and “Blue Lives Don’t Matter.”  Making matters worse is the tweet was sent just one day before five cops were killed in Dallas.


TTUBSA claims that they don’t know who posted the tweet, but they are trying to find out.  They also say that they have constructed a new site.  (Assumed to prevent tweets like this in the future?)

One Twitter user claims the original site was not taken down as reported and offered the following as proof:

TTUBSA Posted the following:

The University issued a statement:

As an institution of higher learning, Texas Tech University is dedicated to an inclusive environment for all and supports our students’ rights to freedom of expression. A recent tweet sent from a student organization account is not representative of the university or the student organization.

Chris Cook
Managing Director
Office of Communications & Marketing
Texas Tech Public Media
Texas Tech University

Curiously, the university didn’t issue that statement until KFYO’s Chad Hasty ripped them on his radio show:

“This is the kind of crap you see on college campuses. This is the kind of stuff President Obama needs to talk about. You know you have President Obama, he’s going to hold a town-hall on this, on race. This is the kind of stuff he should talk about. And I’m telling you right now, Texas Tech University, they need to do something about this. They need to get a press release, they need to get on top of this right now. Because I guarantee you, if it was any, any kind of young Republican, young conservative, college Republican, student government association that had tweeted out about Black Lives Matter, the university would take swift action.”