• June 20, 2024

WHOA: After A Zebra Had His Way With Him, He Had To Have His Arm SURGICALLY REATTACHED… [VIDEO]

When many of us think of a Zebra, we envision a sweet animal that just frolics and looks super adorable. Now, for the most part, they are, but we must remember that they are also wild animals that still can be violent.

Especially when there are babies involved.

Which is just what one Ohio man discovered last Saturday.


According to WCMH-TV in Columbus, the owner of the zebra was found severely injured when deputies from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office arrived on his property in Circleville around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

According to police dispatch logs, the male zebra was “aggressive due to being protective of about five or six female zebras that were in the field.”

According to the report, sheriff’s deputies were forced to shoot the animal after it repeatedly charged them.

In a bodycam video from WCMH, deputies can be seen lowering shotguns toward the zebra in footage that ends just before the fatal shots.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the victim of the zebra attack was taken to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center for treatment.

“Initial reports indicated that the man had lost his arm, however, additional information was provided Monday that said the man’s arm was able to be reattached,” the outlet said.

The zebra’s aggressive behavior, according to one wildlife animal, is motivated by territorial instincts.

“They’re definitely wild animals and still have, like, kind of all those wild instincts and behaviors,” Dan Beetem, director of animal management at the Columbus safari park The Wilds, told WCMH.

“Male zebras are territorial,” he said. “Their job is to get and hold a group of females that he wants to breed, and he’ll be very protective of those against any kind of challenger.”


Pickaway County Sheriff Matthew Hafey backed the deputies who killed the animal, citing reports that it had previously behaved aggressively.

“The zebra had already shown aggression,” Hafey said. “And speaking with some of the family members and friends, apparently, this zebra has been aggressive in the past.”

“I told [the deputy] I fully support what he did. He did what was best to protect the people on the scene there.”

“And I talked to some people on the scene there, and they said that they would have ended up doing the same thing if the deputy had not done that.”

I pray that the man heals quickly!

After that horrifying story, let’s have a laugh at this guy who could have suffered from the same fate, but escaped which is why we can giggle.

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