• March 30, 2023

WHOA: Don Lemon Has Been Exposed As A Total Diva, And His Coworkers Are Letting It All…

Don Lemon reportedly “went ballistic” after the latest in a string of reports about his problematic behavior toward his morning show co-hosts was highlighted by an internal CNN newsletter, according to the entertainment news website Radar Online, citing a “well-placed insider” as its source.

Now based on this, it is reported that the CNN host is having a moment. A very, very long moment.

The report was the latest in a weeks-long train wreck for Lemon’s career prospects, as low ratings for “CNN This Morning” and reports of problematic behavior toward co-hosts Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow have turned the one-time Chris Cuomo BFF into a potentially toxic asset for the network.

The New York Post reported on Thursday that not everything was going well on set. It was titled “Don Lemon screamed at ‘CNN This Morning’ co-host, leaving crew ‘rattled’: sources,” and the headline pretty much said it all — following the Dec. 8 edition of the low-rated morning show, Lemon reportedly approached Collins in front of staffers and crew and unloaded on her for “interrupting” him on air.

A source told the Post, “Don screamed at Kaitlan, who was visibly upset and ran out of the studio.”

“News of the explosive incident made its way up to CNN CEO Chris Licht, who is said to have been appalled by Lemon’s behavior, according to a source,” the Post reported. “A second source said a producer talked to Lemon at the behest of Licht and told the anchor to take the next day off to ‘cool off.’”

Not that it helped: “At this point, Kaitlan wants to be on set with Don as little as possible,” one of the Post’s sources said. “It’s messy.”

A previous report from Radar Online had revealed that there were tensions on the show, albeit in a more vague and elliptical manner.

“Don went into this thinking of himself as Beyoncé and his co-hosts as his backup dancers,” said one of the gossip publication’s sources for an article last month.

“That attitude did not fly — especially with Kaitlan,” the source said. “She won’t play second fiddle to Don.”

And now we’ve come full circle, with Radar Online reporting on the fallout from the Post’s report last week, and CNN allegedly including a link to it in one of its internal newsletters.

According to Radar Online’s report on Friday,  the “insider” said, “Don lost his mind internally and went ballistic at staffers after the CNN newsletter highlighted a story about him screaming.”

So Lemon’s reaction to a report that his outbursts were affecting his co-hosts was to… outburst at staffers. Don’s getting-a-clue strategy doesn’t appear to be working.

But we should have known this from the start. To remind us, here was the host in September, assuring us that his move from prime-time to morning television was not a demotion:


Not only was it a demotion, but it also came with low ratings. Lemon’s morning show was annihilated by Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” from January 16 to 22. While “Fox & Friends” averaged 1.3 million viewers and 180,000 in the 25-54 demographic, “CNN This Morning” only averaged 331,000 viewers and 85,000 in the 25-54 demographic.

So, Mr. Lemon, be cautious. If you keep going off on people at CNN, you might soon be left with only yourself to yell at.

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