Why Did Instagram Delete Mother’s Profile For Cancer Stricken Daughter?

{Daily Mail} A mother who used Instagram to document her young daughter’s battle against cancer has been left heartbroken after the account was deleted.


Lauren Hammersley had wanted to share the photographs, capturing four-year-old Hazel’s treatment, with her brave daughter when she was older.

But she was upset and confused when she saw Hope for Hazel – which had seven million followers – had vanished from the photo-sharing website.

More than 20 pizzas were eventually sent to the room by strangers, and photos of Hazel and other patients having a pizza party in her hotel room became a hit on the Internet.

Ms Hammersley told KCAL she started the Instagram account as a sort of online journal and a way of letting people know how Hazel was progressing.

‘In the beginning, it was showing when she was feeling bad during treatment, or days we got to go home and really exciting moments,’ she said.

‘The day she shaved her head was another one, and then the day of her last chemo, that was another one. It ended up being shared with seven million people.’

In May 2014, the family were delighted when tests showed Hazel was cancer-free.

But all of the photos and well-wishes from followers have disappeared with the account that seems to have been deleted.

‘The fact that she’s here and she’s healthy and she’s been through this horrific experience, I wanted her to be able to look back on that when she understood, to not only see the power that she had going through it, but the power of support that she had,’ she told KCAL.

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