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Woman Gets Kicked Off Plane Because Her Boobs Were Too Big

A South Florida woman is complaining that Spirit Airlines kicked her off the plane because they claimed she was showing too much cleavage.  Cathy Supp, who didn’t know the woman says she was kicked off the flight also for defending the woman.  Ironically, Spirit Airlines bills itself as “The Home of the Bare Fare.”



Supp said that the flight crew was increasingly belligerent and that at first they claimed the woman was drunk.  Also not true.  The man who sat next to the young woman also confirmed her story.  He said she was wearing clothes similar to what the other passengers were wearing except she had much larger breasts.  Maybe their new motto should be, “It Doesn’t Matter How Poor You Are, We’ll Fly You Anywhere You Want to Go as Long as You are Flat Busted.” 

From The Daily Caller:

“After assuring all THREE flight attendants that although she & her companion had been finishing a beer before boarding, but was not drunk & would be fine, they left her alone for a few minutes, then came back and said her bosom was too exposed! Granted she was well endowed and wearing a low-cut top, but she was covered. They claimed they had had complaints,” she said in her Facebook post.

Supp doubts that.

“No one said a word,” she told The Daily Caller, “even if her endowments were more plumped up once seated in those seats.”

On Facebook, Supp posted that “there were no nuns or Muslims on board and no one could see her in the center seat unless they tried anyway.”

Another Spirit passenger, Bob Kowaleski, claims to have sat in the window seat next to the woman.

“They embarrassed the young girl and [she] didn’t appear any more out of bounds than anyone else on flight,” Kowaleski posted on Facebook, adding that the flight attendants were “treating her like she was a street walker.

“I saw no potential problem with her.”


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