• May 18, 2022

Woman in “Short Shorts” Brutally Assaulted, Attacker Claims “Islamic Law Demanded it”

It seems like not a day goes by that you don’t hear about a Muslim attack on innocent civilians somewhere in the world. Whether an isolated incident or large-scale attack, they are tragic and negatively affect us all. Among the list of offenses, disrespecting woman is all too common with this group. In the shocking video below, a Muslim man is seen assaulting a woman simply for wearing shorts.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, the video shows Abdullah Cakiroglu brutally assaulting a 23 year-old woman on a bus in Istanbul simply because she was wearing shorts. In a horrifying twist, prosecutors ended up setting Cakiroglu free, arguing that he was following Islamic law when he beat the woman.

“She was dressed against my traditions,” the thug said after his release. “Friends, everything is under control. Everything happened according to Islamic law.”

“I beat people whose outfits I do not like. The state should punish those who dress like this,” Cakiroglu said while testifying in court.

The female victim was understandably horrified at the ruling.

“He told the prosecutors that he likes to beat people who he decides do not dress appropriately, and as a result they released him,” she said. “I don’t have any words to describe what I think about this, there is nothing that I can say. Where is the justice? Do I need to get killed?”

This man claims he was following Islamic law, but when you end up physically hurting someone else, you’ve crossed a line. There is no excuse for what he did to this poor woman. There is no dress code on a public bus. If this man was offended by her clothes he should have looked the other way or got off the bus. This is the type of thing that America could be dealing with if we continue to leave our borders unchecked.

H/T: MRCBlog

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