• July 19, 2024

Woman Poses For a Picture But Doesn’t See Whats Behind Her [VIDEO]

Rosangela de Silva was posing for a dramatic photograph on a beautiful rock, while her husband is getting ready to snap her picture.  Her husband spots something behind her and lets out a warning yell, but she couldn’t hear him and it was too late to repeat the warning.  You might say she got carried away…literally.

Rosangela de Silva was posing for a dramatic photograph on a beautiful rock with the ocean behind her. The only problem was that she didn’t realize her husband was filming.

“On a beach day, I decided to take a photograph on a rock that I found gorgeous,” she wrote. “I was not aware my husband was making a video. While I was posing, he started to scream about the wave, and it really took me by surprise.”

The lighting and composition were perfect: she was wearing a white dress and her blonde hair was blowing in the wind with the blue-gray of the sea and sky all around her.

She was the portrait of elegance — until she wasn’t. As seen in the video, Rosangela arranges herself on the rock while her husband shouts a warning from behind the camera. Just as she has everything just right, a giant wave engulfs her, washing away her picture-perfect moment.

Of course, first and foremost, we are glad she was not hurt! Although things didn’t quite go as planned, her awkward mermaid moment will surely become a family classic and the source of endless smiles.

Being near the ocean requires that you know music because you either C sharp or you’ll be flat.


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