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Woman Sentenced to Seven Years for Having Sex With 6 Boys Ages 13 to 15

Amanda Tompkins invited a group of  6 boys ages 13 to 15 to her house, where she plied them with alcohol and pot before taking them all on for sex.  She did this while her two younger children were in the house.  She strip teased for them and then abuse them with copious amounts of oral sex and  intercourse.  She was found guilty of 10 counts of physical and sexual abuse of six boys.


The judge who sentenced her said:

 “Putting it bluntly, ma’am, you are sex mad, decreed Judge Francis Sheridan. “You pleaded guilty to a most dreadful catalog of sexual offending against young boys … Your approach was anything goes as you saw fit in your own drunken stupor. You ran an open house and for that, you should read you ran a home of abuse with you as the abuser—there’s no point in ducking it, no matter how drunk you were.”

“You were prepared to abuse each of the boys for your own sexual gratification, you simply had a sexual drive that knew no ends. Nothing was enough.” To your own children in your drunken state you were a dreadful mother, you sexually abused children while your own two youngest children were in the house.”

“You were arrested and lied your head off – no recourse from you whatsoever. Your definition of an adult is far away from the legal definition, one of your victims was just days away from his 14th birthday.”

“’I watched you in this case, I saw no tears in your eyes. You are a disgrace as a mother and I do not hesitate to say that.”


The court heard that Tompkins would touch her breasts before getting down on her knees before the boys.

At her house in Milton Keynes with her victims, the court was told that she “quickly became predatory.” She once went upstairs and returned naked, inviting the boys into her room.

Two of them followed her to find her already having sex with one of their friends.

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