• July 23, 2024

You May never Buy Heinz Ketchup Again After Seeing This Video [VIDEO]

A video has surfaced of a factory that makes Heinz ketchup and it shows rotten tomatoes being dumped into the assembly line to be processed into ketchup.  Heinz admits that the video was taped at one of their plants outside Cairo, Egypt, but claim it’s been edited and does not really show the process which they claim is safe and should not be believed.  What they didn’t say was that the video of the dumping of rotten tomatoes is false.  To me, this makes me question how they make their product here in America.

I could have bought an explanation that the dumping of rotten tomatoes into the recipe was an error by management and loose quality assurance by the government, but I have a hard time believing that rotten tomatoes is a safe standard procedure.  Up until now I have bought only Heinz ketchup but this voideo has me questioning that decision.

But furious customers in Egypt say the statement did not go far enough to dispel fears over quality and have demanded that Heinz produce their own video showing how the famous sauce is created. 

When contacted by MailOnline, Heinz UK added that the ‘safety and quality of our foods is always our first priority.’

‘We are aware of recent TV programme and following social media posts making unfounded allegations about the Heinz manufacturing facility in Egypt. 

‘We can reassure consumers that the pictures linked to this story do not represent our factory in a truthful way and do not represent the exacting quality standards we follow during our production process. Consumers can continue to enjoy Heinz products in complete confidence.’

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