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Did CNN Push ‘FAKE NEWS’ by Photoshopping Florida Shooter to Make Him Look WHITE?

CNN once again proves why they are the least trusted fake news outlet anywhere.  When the picture of the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooter was available, they panicked and called for their photo shop experts.


From The Washinton Examiner:

CNN is less trusted by likely voters than its competitors at MSNBC and Fox News, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, said that 75 percent of likely voters tend to watch at least some cable news per week to keep up with politics. Among that group, 42 percent watch Fox News, 35 percent watch CNN, and 19 percent watch MSNBC.

However, the poll said a larger portion of Fox News and MSNBC viewers trust those networks.

Just 33 percent of those who watch CNN said they trusted the information they’re getting, compared to 43 percent for MSNBC. At Fox News, 50 percent said they trust the source.

The shooter was 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, who CNN identified as the man pictured below.


Meanwhile, had you turned on CNN, this is the photo you would’ve seen:


Well…you need to move over George Zimmerman because there’s a new “white Hispanic” on the block.

They were hardly the only ones whitewashing the shooter.


Separately, one source seems to think this could’ve been an act of Islamic terrorism — although to be fair the chap in these photos looks quite a bit younger.





Meanwhile, CNN used the photo that the researchers at WeSearchr discovered….. and look what they did to it.



Leave it to CNN to push a false narrative, while accusing everyone else of ‘fake news’.


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