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22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Plotting Missions In THESE STATES And It’s WORSE Than We Could Imagine

The mainstream liberal media would have us all believe that all Muslim’s are peaceful hobbits that live in The Shire. However, that is a fairy tale and the truth is they are more like the orcs.

The truth is that if Muslims do have their way, we will all be submitting to Sharia Law and that obviously cannot and will not happen. According to reports, there are several camps right here in the U.S. waiting to strike at a moments notice. The media will never tell you that as long as their pockets are lined from George Soros and the Dems.

According To Conservative Post:

Ryan Mauro, an analyst of national security for the Clarion Project, dropped a bombshell this week when he revealed that there are 22 radical Islamic terrorist camps operating across the U.S. at this time. Making matters worse, these radical Muslim villages are allowed to continue operating because the FBI refuses to designate them as terrorist camps.

The camps are operated by “Muslims For America,” which Mauro said is a terrorist front group.
“They’re a front group for a Pakistani militant terrorist group,” said Mauro. “We have declassified documents from the FBI showing they have links to Al Qaeda.”

Dennis Michael Lynch then recounted visiting one of these camps that were located in upstate New York.

“These places are nestled in the woods in small towns that have only two or three cops,” said Lynch. “The FBI shut down one of them after a raid in which they found blueprints for carrying out terror attacks here in the U.S.”

When Lynch asked Mauro to rate the level of danger “Muslims For America” poses to Americans, he rated it at an “8.”

Fortunately for everyone, the average American (liberals excluded) will not accept this terrible fate and will most definitely fight until every last Muslim dirtbag that dares to cross us are dead and buried.

H/T: Conservative Post 

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