GRAPHIC VIDEO: Antifa Member Shot To Death After Pulling Weapon on Police

An Antifa member was shot by Eugene, Oregon police after drawing his weapon on them. The department has now released the body cam footage of the incident as The Truth About Guns reports:

Charlie Landeros, aged old enough to know better, loved his far-left activism.

He belonged to an armed Antifa group we’ve covered, training “oppressed peoples” in armed self-defense. And now he’s no longer with us after drawing down on two Eugene, Oregon police officers who attempted to arrest him at a Eugene middle school there.


Police believe the radical Antifa activist showed up at his daughter’s school on January 11 intending to pick her up.

Cascade Middle School administrators, however, knew that he had recently lost custody of his child and called police to remove him from school property.

What they didn’t know was Charlie had a gun on his hip along with a backpack full of loaded magazines and more 9mm ammunition.

When police arrived, Landeros claimed they had no jurisdiction at the school. The Eugene officers had a different take. And when Landeros failed to peacefully leave, things went south quickly for Mr. Antifa firearms instructor.

WARNING: Graphic Content

The Daily Emerald, has more on the shooting and the shooter:

No students, faculty members or police officers were injured in the incident. Cascade Middle School, Malabon Elementary and Willamette High School were put in brief lockdowns, according to the Bethel School District’s website.

Landeros, who used they/them/theirs pronouns, led a student protest in October 2017 that disrupted UO President Michael Schill’s state of the university address. Landeros and other protestors characterized Schill as a CEO and said that the purpose of the protest was to “empower marginalized students on campus.”

Landeros was a member of Community Armed Self Defense, a group that was created as a “new liberatory and inclusive space for all oppressed peoples to learn about armed self-defense,” according to the group’s Facebook page, which is no longer publicly available on Facebook as of 4 p.m. Saturday.

Community Armed Self Defense’s Facebook page said that they could not count on the police to protect marginalized people, and that firearms help marginalized groups protect themselves.

“The police are not here to protect us. They are more likely to harm us themselves than they are to ‘serve or protect’ us,” the group wrote on their Facebook page description.

In a Facebook post that did not mention Landeros by name, the Civil Liberties Defense Center posted that its community is “shocked and grieving” over the death of a CLDC volunteer who was shot by police on Friday. The CLDC is a Eugene organization that provides legal assistance and support for those affected by social inequality and environmental destruction, according to its Facebook page.

This man would still be alive if he hadn’t of pulled his gun and resisted arrest.

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