Holy Imam & Islamic Prayer Leader Blown To Bits While Planting Bomb on Street

Kirsters Baish| Holy Imam Mualvi Abdul Qader died after a bomb that he was planting on the street in western Ghor blew up in his face, literally. Qader had been leading prayers at a local mosque for three years prior to the explosion.

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A prayer leader of a mosque was killed when a landmine he was planting in this capital city of western Ghor province went off accidently, an official said Wednesday.

Police spokesman Mohammad Iqbal Nizami told Pajhwok Afghan News that Mualvi Abdul Qader, a resident of Kashkar area, wanted to plant the roadside bomb in Ghaibi area of Ferozkoh city.

Abdul Qader, who had heen leading prayers at a mosque for three years, was killed in the blast, Nizami said.

Spokesman for the police, Mohammad Iqbal Nizami stated that Mualvi Abdul Qader, who was a resident of Kashkar area, had planned to plant the bomb in Ghaibi area of Ferozkoh city. This wasn’t the first bombing in recent times. There had been multiple terrorism attacks in Afghanistan over the last few months.

On Monday, Kabul city was shaken by two separate explosions. The entire nation was in shock and total horror.

Reports have explained that at least 14 innocent victims lost their lives in the blasts Another 30 victims were injured during Monday morning’s two attacks. The blasts took place in a heavily populated neighborhood located in central Kabul.

The second attack came just thirty minutes after the original blast. It was meant to target the media and paramedics who were arriving on the scene of the original explosion.

Media reports explained that there was another incident, in which at least 11 civilians were killed in a blast that shook Afghanistan’s Kandahar province on Monday.

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