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Landlord Gets Hit With INSANE Lawsuit After Sick Thing His Muslim Tenants Do

The Muslim takeover is almost complete in many infested countries and Canada is not free of the insane actions taken by these entitled and arrogant culture thieves. There is a reason why we need to be vigilant here in America and this story will prove it to you. I am all for people coming to America for a better life but not if you are going to try and force your religion on us.

Well, as we know there is a battle for our freedom in America, but it seems that Canada has lost already.

Louder with Crowder :

Everything seems to be Islamophobia in Canada these days (see Canada Shoots Sanity in the Face, Passes Motion Against ‘Islamophobia’ and Canada’s Kathleen Wynne Visits Mosque Preach to Tolerance, Gets Put in a Corner).

Anti-Islam thoughts, anti-Islam breaths, you know the stuff. Also on the list? Refusing to remove your shoes. Which is what a landlord found out when the creepily named Human Rights Tribunal awarded $12,000 to the Muslim couple he offended. By committing the crime of refusing to take off his kicks before entering said Muslim couple’s apartment. Yes, really…

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has awarded $12,000 to a Muslim couple, who claimed their landlord failed to accommodate their prayer times and notify the wife when she was home alone before bringing in prospective new tenants for apartment viewings. One of the complaints here is that the landlord (an ignorant Christian) would barge into their home with strangers for viewings on short notice – which was a big deal because the wife wanted to don modest attire. But the article later specifies that he gave the couple 24 hours notice before doing so. Plenty of time to hijab it up, methinks…

“The respondent discriminated against the applicants by failing to accommodate their religious practices relating to prayer times by providing advance notice shortly before showing the apartment,” tribunal panel vice-chair Jo-Anne Pickel wrote in a recent 38-page decision. “He also failed to accommodate their religious practices by refusing to remove his shoes when entering their apartment and especially their prayer space. Finally, he also harassed them, at least in part, because of their religiously-based accommodation requests.” It’s entirely possible that this landlord was just a jerk.

Personally, I wouldn’t appreciate an authority figure stomping their dirt-clad hooves all over my freshly steamed carpet either. You might even say shoe grunge disturbs me on a spiritual level. The important difference, though? I wouldn’t be awarded thousands of dollars from a HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL for crying about it. You know, because not Muslim and whatnot. Notice how everyone caters to Islam, but when it comes to Islam accommodating others? That’s not a thing (see Tolerance! Over 50 Muslim Countries Blocking LGBT Groups From UN Aids Convention…).

Not even Muslim caterers can spare a single crap to give. But fret not, it’s the non-halal, shoe-wearing normies who are intolerant…

Absolutely ridiculous right? Yeah, we agree. Let us know how you feel about this type of overreach in the comments.

H/T [ Louder with Crowder ]

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